Bacon Wrapped Brussels Sprouts


wwpp= 5pt for 9 sprouts
             3pt for 6 sprouts
             2 pt for 3 sprouts

I have found another great side for my Thanksgiving and just for a regular meal. I actually did this with a whole bag of Brussels sprouts (1 package of bacon had 12 pieces/ cut into thirds = 36 pieces)
You may need another bag of Brussels sprouts. Of course when I was making this, it was an experiment, I had already bundled two bags of green beans with bacon.
I wanted to share this one, ASAP, because the holiday were coming.
My children, who do not eat Brussels sprouts ate this up.

I will also be posting my points for the recipe in Weight Watcher Plus Points up in the left hand corner from now on instead of the title, because even though I made them to stay on my diet, they are even for the average eating person, diet or not. So wanted to keep them appealing for everyone.

Bacon Wrapped Brussels Sprouts


1-2 bags of frozen Brussels sprouts

1 package of bacon (about 12 slices) (just reg. package bacon)

3 tbs of splenda brown sugar

soy sauce


1) Foil line a baking sheet, spray with non-stick.

2) Take the bacon do not open, cut it into thirds, keeping it closed helps keep it an even cut.

3) Wrap each Brussels sprouts ( I know, so tedious, but so worth the effort) I wrap and put seam down. You can lay them near each other, just not touching.

4) Sprinkle very lightly with the brown sugar and then a splash of soy sauce.

5) Pop in oven at 400 for about 30-40 minutes, check at 30 they are done when the bacon has crisped.

* Here's a picture of my beans and then my Brussels sprouts, that was a small bag of them. Pretty right..

Wait to cool, don't hurry like I did, I burned my tongue..ouch!

I served these along with my green bean bundles in case they were not liked. I was wrong. It gave them a totally new taste. They were tender, a little sweet, a little salty and in a nice little bacon wrapped package.. how could I go wrong.


I hope to be able to post a few more recipes for the holidays. I am continually trying to incorporate veggies and healthy stuff into our diet. Dieting is a change of life, a small change at a time..

Look at my house, I am taking it one Brussels sprout at a time...

Remember to say a prayer for all those suffering from the hurricane, Sandy..

Get out there do something kind for the holiday, pay it a stranger a coffee, send a sweet note...just a smile can change a person's day..

Make the day yours..


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