Quickie Pot Pies wwpp=8 (crescent roll top) 6 (biscuit top)

This little beauty was created out of wanting something quick, something warming and yet satisfying. I had also raked in a bunch of  progress soups with my ton of coupons. I think I got about 20 cans, to put up. So with a few things that I keep on hand I created this and wanted to share with you.

This particular one is made with the progresso light soups. I made two kinds one with the progresso chicken pot pie soup and the other with the progresso beef pot roast.

Quicke Pot Pies                  wwpp=8

* This time I used crescent rolls, they were very good, but I think next time, I will use a grands large biscuit on top. This lowers my ww points to a total of 6, which makes me even more happier. If you aren't doing ww, the biscuit has a little lower calorie count than crescents.


1 can of progresso lite soup chicken pot pie or beef pot roast. ( I chose these because I just didn't want noodles in my pot pie) This can can make two or one very big one.

*The ww points are for half the can, if you make the whole, count up the points.

2 crescent rolls dough per pot pie, or 1 biscuit.

1/2 cup of Normandy veggie blend, (dice this up) This will bulk up the pot pie base.
* Normandy blend is carrots, broccoli, cauliflower, a more WW friendly combo.

1 - 2 nice little cooking vessels. You could make this in a 9x12 casserole, you would just have to add more.


1) Mix diced vegetables into the can of soup.

2) Split into two cooking bowls, I call them french onion soup bowls.

3)Take two crescent roll dough and flatten into one piece and fit on top of bowl.

4) Pop in oven for about 20-30 minutes, until the top is brown and crusty.

Let cook just a bit and serve with a salad. These also heated back up really well.

I prefer making them in the little bowls, than in a large casserole pan. Keeps me with single servings.

This was a really quick thought up thing and it turned out good. The husband and the kids ate it all up and then asked for another one. Really, I only made 6 and there are 5 of us, so they had to eat another salad, because I put the other one up for my lunch.. I made them right?

Here's a picture of the can of soup. This one was my favorite, I am not much of a beef gal.

Progresso Lite Chicken Pot Pie

So keep warm and safe.

Please also keep those still suffering from the storms last week in your prayers. There are still many without electricity, and some without the basic necessities. Prayers going out from here!


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