Make It At Home --- Stuffed Burritos

Stuffed Burritos

I have seen oodles of commercials from Taco Bell this week, stuffed burritos. They always look so wonderful on TV, and they may taste great, but I have a family of 5 that would enjoy them and the cost would just be outrageous. I am constantly trying to re-make what they would enjoy out, at home. I like that I  can control what goes into the ingredients and the portions.

For this meal I had to do a little more prep work, but I also made extra for another day or another type of meal. Saves me time and money.

Stuffed Burritos
(for 5- The kids and I all ate one, and my husband had 2) and still had a bit left over)


1 package of large size flour tortillas
1 cup of shredded cheddar cheese
1/2 cup of small diced onion
1/2 head of shredded lettuce
3 chicken breasts
1 large can of enchilada sauce (next time I will make my own)
1 can of re fried beans (I will also next time make my own)
1 can of pinto beans  ( I will do these my own too)
2 cups of rice (Instant Minute Rice)

3 chicken bouillon
sour cream

* you could also add in jalapenos, black olives, tomatoes, salsa or anything else you would like



1) In my crock pot (put a liner) lay in 3 chicken breasts and pour in a can of enchilada sauce. Simmer all day on low and then shred.

2) In my small crock pot, I put my re fried beans and a can of pinto beans and left on warm.

3) For the rice: add chicken bouillon to the water and then instant rice and microwave (this is done about 15 minutes before you get ready to serve.)

4) Shred lettuce/ dice up onion, prep what ever you are going to put into your burrito.

5) For the sour cream, I actually put it into a squeeze bottle. 
(Kitchen Tip, put sour cream into a quart baggie and squeeze up into corner, (like an icing bag) hold over top of bottle you are putting it in and cut a the corner and squeeze it into bottle. Like a pro, no fuss and no mess. )
I also do this with hot sauce.

Now let's build this baby....

1) Lay tortilla on a plate. (build down the middle)
2) Smear a few spoonfuls of re fried beans down the middle.
3) Shredded Cheddar Cheese
4) Squirt of Sour Cream
5) Then the rice, pile a little all the way on the top, down the middle.
6) Then onions, lettuce, salsa, or what else you like.
7) Last put on the very top the chicken enchilada mixture.
8) Pull up one side and the the other and roll, until you completely flip it over with the seam on the bottom.
9) Decorate it how you like, I just squirted with Sour Cream. (You could cheese it and pop back in an oven to melt... )

* With the extra chicken enchilada mixture I put into a quart freezer bag. I will use it to make a pizza, maybe enchilada, and actually was thinking of maybe a southwestern egg roll.

This was dinner last night, it was very, very filling. It was the prep work that took the most time, but it was worth it. The littlest ate his like a taco, he could work with something that big. One of my oldest liked it and the other one doesn't care for food all mixed together...sigh, so she had just chicken. 


Been 75 degrees here in GA for the past two days, and it is August. Not sure what that is all about, but we are enjoying it. Windows all opened up, AC off. The pool is just that refreshing chilly. School is on here in Ga, so it has been early mornings and out to the bus stop. Everyone is adapting to the changes, but I have noticed the house is sound to sleep by 9pm.

So my friends, keep in touch...remember I am always thinking of you..
"It really is just that simple"


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