Pinned It ---- Did It--- and We Loved It Angel Food Apple Cake

Angel Food Apple Cake

Another success. I sometimes browse the boards of Pinterest and find a few easy things that we give a try. Here is the site I found mine on : so I try to give credit where credit is due and this is my closest one.

I decided to make part of my blog, trying out new things. I have actually done this recipe with crushed pineapple. A Weight Watcher dessert to begin with and then into a great little two ingredient cake. Even better is that it is low fat. A double whammy.

So for this chilly Saturday in the middle August. Yes, in the middle of August in the South and we are 70 degrees. I made fish sandwiches for lunch and popped this into the oven.

Angel Food Apple Cake


1 box of Angel Food Cake

1 can of apple pie mix (I used Walmart Great Value)


1) Pour Angel Food mix into a bowl, empty in can of apple pie.

2) Stir, At first I thought the cake mix was too dry, but I continued until it was kinda like a batter.

3) Pour into a grease 9x13 pan.

4) Pop into 350 for 35-40 minutes. Until nice and brown.

Let cool just a bit (the apple parts are kinda hot) and cut. You can put ice cream on top if you want. It had a really nice taste the top part mixed with the stuff in the apples and it was kinda brown sugary meringue yummy and inside was moist with chunks of apple.

a piece is missing...??

A prettier picture of the brown sugary merangiey yummy!

The next one I will make will probably be a can of peaches. I love peaches in the summer.

For this chilly day in August, this dessert really hit the spot. That is why I hurried to blog it so you could give it a shot.

 Get back in those warm jammies and enjoy your Saturday...

So there you go......"Yes, It is really that simple"


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