Menu for Week of January 11-18, 2014

I am constantly finding a way to cut back on groceries, or even to the point where there is no waste. Money is getting hard to come by and spending at the store is crazy. We are now at the point where, since there are 5 of us, that is not even reasonable to do fast food. I therefore, continue to make, create and remake again...

One of the ways I find is with a Menu. I actually go to what I have and create a menu and then run a grocery list for the smaller things I need.
I am going to try to post one every week, gives me an outline. Now of course I am not that ridged a person and I have one or two, go to, floater meals..Soup and sandwiches, eggs, or hot dogs. You need these for the days you are bushed.

Menu for the Week of January 11-18, 2014

I try once a week to make a snack. Also I make a pot of some Soup.

Pork Shoulder / Baked Potatoes / BQ beans / Coleslaw / rolls
(this will also be able to freeze some and make pork tacos in a few weeks)

Chili and hot dogs / Tator tots
(leftovers here can be turned into a casserole for another day also)

Omelets / Sausage / potatoes / Bagels
(will use the leftover potatoes from Sunday to make a home fry)

Grilled Chicken Salad

Broccoli and Cheese Pasta / Home made wheat bread

Pizza (which I will use what I have - I could do a pork bq one )

will be what ever is left or can be worked into a snack.. they all like to snack on the weekends.


I am always wanting to try new stuff. I am wanting to learn how to batter, cook fish. So I can try and make fish tacos. I will let you know if I get to experiment. I also have the stuff to make egg rolls, probably for the weekend.

For the desserts and snacks.
I am thinking a jello cake. A cake baked, poked with holes and jello poured then refrigerated. I can then cut into individual sizes and put in container for every ones lunch next week.

I am also thinking Taco Soup for the go to soup of the week. I usually have this for lunch. This week was potato soup.

So for the start of this weekend, they are calling for rain here in GA. ugh...
Prayers for all those in WV (my hometown) that their water will be okay soon.
Happy Mid- January.. gosh it was just Christmas.

Get out or in this weekend and make something with your family or just for yourself. Indulge.. life only spins this way once..."It really is just that simple!"


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