Chicken Sausage, Onions and Sweet Peppers on a Quinoa

The new year comes and I am sure we are all making promises to be good, watch what we eat, save money....etc..

I too, have reached a point where I need to try to watch what I am eating and feeding the family. A great little grain, that I have been guilty of buying and forgetting I have it. Today I brought it out of the pantry. I cook it in my rice cooker. I have another post on Quinoa and the rice cooker.

When it was just about finished I began to think what would be tasty with it. I had a package of chicken sausage and that was just the thing. I can cook these up with peppers and onions and a tbs of olive oil and it will give it a little sauce to mix in the quinoa.

Chicken Sausage, Onions, and Sweet Peppers on Quinoa serves 2

(I actually thought I could eat it all, but with the quinoa I could only go half way. So I shared it with my husband)
****did the numbers with the ww points plus and it came to 8


2 chicken sausages (cut up)

1/2 onion medium dice

4 small sweet peppers (or how you like)

1 tbs of olive oil

seasoning : I just used a little garlic salt, you could use hot pepper to really amp it up


1) Put peppers and onions in the sautee pan with olive oil. Give them just a minute to soften, push to side of pan to continue cooking.

2) Place in cut up sausage, I kinda get them where they are all laying down, so I can get them kinda crispy brown. Continuing stirring veggies and then mix all together.

3) Place a bed of Quinoa on a plate and pour out half on top.

Easy Peasy and quick.


A great thing is to cook double the quinoa and then you can use it again in something else.

This made a nice lunch and it was really filling the quinoa is a protein and that really keeps me away from the sugars and carbs.


So happy to see WVa getting their water back and hopefully life can get back to normal.

I will be trying to cook a few more things every week. If you ever have an idea or a question I always love to be challenged. I can just about make nothing from nothing.

Wishing the winter would move on out. I want to start a garden and get my tomatoes in and basil. I just love fresh flavors..

So get out there make this yours, change the flavors, add some more.. eat it all...
"It really is just that simple!"


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