Niblet Corn (crockpot method)

Seems as if I have found another way to cook corn, without the mess. Without the big pot of boiling water and the fishing out of the pot.

Everyone knows I love to wrap my baked potatoes in the foil and crock pot them. Well today I tried my corn. Oh how yummy.

*I also made 6 of them with a dribble of olive oil on them and lemon pepper seasoning and wrapped, they are at the bottom. I put one up top for me to try.. now I gotta keep it a secret.  Next time I am thinking chili and lime too. These little babies came out perfect.

Niblet Corn (crock pot method)

I bought the bag of 24 and they just about fit in my crock pot.
  I put them all in the crock pot and then put lid on it.
 Then I put foil over the entire thing. So nothing got out.
 Then I turned on high and cooked for 4-5 hours...never opening.
and then you get yummy pieces of corn.

This is one of the veggies with our dinner. What is leftover, usually gets scarfed up quickly.

I wanted to get this post done you never miss out.

"Life is just that simple! "

******I need to add that these were taken from the freezer right into the crockpot


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