Cheating Salmon Fried Rice

When I was little I always loved anything my mother would make and she never had a problem with me not asking again for it.

One of her favorite things to make were salmon patties. I guess with 6 kids you could actually make them and give everyone a nice patty, veggie and a starch and we would all be satisfied. Salmon was always a pricey thing to have and that was her way of us getting to be a well rounded eater.

I actually can make salmon patties, her way, and I have a cheating way. Today I am only going to teach you how to cheat on the salmon fried rice. Because it was fast and easy. Also it has me using a can of Salmon. Don't get me wrong, love a good piece of fresh salmon, but this can fit the bill.

Cheating Salmon Fried Rice     served 3


1 can of salmon ( drain can, you can either take the bones out, or they are soft and okay to eat, I just smoosh them into the salmon, so the kids don't taste them)

1 bag of 90 second Uncle Ben's Wild Rice (or any you like)

2 tbs of olive oil

1/2 diced onion

1/2 bag of frozen peas and carrots ( I keep these all the time in the freezer)

1/4 cup of panko bread crumbs, or any crumbs

lemon pepper seasoning (season to taste)

garlic powder (season to taste)


1) Put in olive oil, onions, and the peas and carrots (frozen) sautee a minute until onions are tender.

2) Add in can of salmon, break up into small pieces, mixing with the onions, and peas and carrots.

3) Add in the bread crumbs and the seasonings.

4) Add in rice (already prepped in micro)

5) I stir this all together, letting it all warm up, then I up the heat and keep turning it over and over and this will let the bread crumbs in the mix start to get kinda crunchy, not much but just a little brown.

* you know I thought if I had more time, I would have made a runny egg on top.. Now doesn't that sound fancy and good...teehhheee...

* Hey you know if you wanted to, you could stretch this with another bag of rice, and the full bag of veggies, and a bit more bread crumbs.

When finished serve with a little lemon and you got lunch.


Sometimes the simplest ingredients make the tastiest meals. I am always trying to stretch what food I do have. I will share with you my cheating salmon patties, next time I hit the store.
The weekend is coming here and I am sure we will be up to something. Hoping for a few good days to clean out my garage, I keep alot of my cooking gadgets in the garage and it has been too cold to get them back in there.

So my friends have a great weekend, make it yours. Do something for yourself and enjoy life..
Cause "It really is that simple"


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