Chicken Cordon Blu Casserole Pinned It -- Did it-- Liked it

I actually finally got around to making one of my many "Gonna Try" on my Pinterest Page. There are really quite a few recipes floating around to the one.

The one I actually picked had the topping as a stove top stuffing. My daughter doesn't care for stuffing so I made it out of panko and butter. It was just as good. I even think a container of the those Frenchs Fried Onions on top. Wow.. next time.

This is the recipe I used and added a little more of my own.

Chicken Cordon Blu Casserole

3 cooked chicken breasts. (dice up into bite size) (made a batch in the oven a few days before, used three for this and the other for chicken jalapeno tostados.)

2 cans of cream of chicken soup ( only had one so I also used a can of cream of mushroom)

2 bags of frozen broccoli ( I used one regular and the other was a cheese broccoli)

1 package of deli ham (diced up into pieces)

1/2 minced onion.

1 package of Swiss cheese (here I only had a bit so I also used shredded mozzarella)

4 tablespoons of Dijon mustard (this is alot for a good flavor, you can cut back to 2 if you want)

Panko Bread crumbs (I mixed with melted butter and put on top)


1) In a bowl throw in chicken, ham, onion, and brocolli. Then mix in soups, and djon until well mixed.

2) Pour into a 9 x 13 pan. 

3)Top with the Swiss cheese and then the bread crumbs. (or you can use the stuffing mix)

4) Pop in oven at 375 for about 40 minutes, until it is all bubbly.


The one important thing about this casserole is that you need to let it cool at least 15min. It really makes the cheese come back together and the flavors blend.

It was really good, it also was a really good leftover. Not sure how it would freeze, never had any left.

This was really easy and a quick throw in kinda dinner.


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