Baked Potato Puffs

I know I promised to post my baked potato puffs. Usually I would take leftover (instant - cause I for some reason couldn't make mashed potatoes if I tried) and mix with an egg, a few tbs. of flour and cheese and then drop into oil. I would always have hot potato puffs. Yes, they were good, but I tried to be good this time.

Baked Potato Puffs


2 cups or so of leftover potatoes (if they are instant, you might need to add some dry instant flakes to the mix cause they get kinda watery )

1 cup of grated cheese

2 eggs ( I used 3 because I really didn't measure out my potatoes.)

Seasoning (garlic powder, salt, pepper. I also had this cool spice mix from the veggie area at Krogers that was chives, garlic, and some other tasty bits )


For the mix, I mixed everything together (hold back a bit of cheese to sprinkle on top)then I brought the consistency to the batter of a fritter, hush puppy kinda.

Spray a muffin tin (really well) and put in oh, maybe a few tablespoons of the mixture. Top with a bit of cheese.

350 Oven for about 20 minutes.  Be sure to let cool a bit, they will come out easier, without tearing all up.

These were really tasty, didn't even miss that they weren't fried in oil. One of my family even reheated them in the microwave and they were still good.

So another score for me.. Another great leftover save..

If you have any to share, just holler sometime.

 I love recipes and I love sharing.


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