Corn Dog Maker

I have a new gadget I want to share...

The Corn Dog Maker.

I know, you are probably like me and flip through those magazines and look at all the neat kitchen gadgets, the popcorn machine, the cotton candy, and on and on. Well I decided to try out the Corn Dog Maker. One because my littlest eats a corn dog every morning for breakfast. Before anyone says that is not a very well rounded breakfast, this is always in addition to his other stuff, eggs, sausage and other such breakfast foods.

I posted this also on my other blog, because it can be so handy for anyone. I like it for the kids because it was quick, and very hand size friendly. For even adults it has turned out to be a quick easy meal. Really who doesn't like corn dogs.

Here is how I use it.

For Corn Dogs
(this makes almost the whole pkg of dogs, depends on how much you put in the wells)

1 box of Jiff corn bread mix (prepare like on box)

hot dogs cut in half

Popsicle sticks

non- stick spray.


Cut dogs in half and poke (I put it all the way in) with the sticks

Spray the cooker well. (you must do this each time)

Pour in 1 tablespoon of mix in well, press dog into it (with handle sticking out)

Pour about a teaspoon (or until you cover it) over the dog. This takes practice.

Close Machine ( I wait until the light goes on and off twice)

When cooked lift each out and let cool. They are very hot.

The finished product:

Pretty Right.

* These turned out really good today. I am experimenting with freezing them and see how they heat back up. If this works then it really will be cost effective from buying the already made ones. I will post when I get to try it out.

* Also you can wrap your dogs in a refrigerator biscuit and cook it that way too, they turned our really easy and good. Great for a party.

* You can also make a sweet batter and slip a candy bar inside and cook it. We did this and one you must cut the candy slim and then do the batter under it in the well and make sure batter is on top to complete a whole batter thing going on, so it will stay inside. Also remember to let everything cool, cause it is hot and it will burn bad.

So please if you ever want to try this gadget, It is cool in my books.

I am going to try the donut maker one next..Hahahahha...

So until I post again, enjoy my blog, sign up so I can send you one, and we will be connected..

Take care and have a great day!


Anonymous said…
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