Stuffed Bagels

Stuffed Spinach Bagel

Hope this post is finding you and yours safe and well. I am trying really hard to keep finding new things to bring to this blog. I really love to cook, as you can tell. I also find alot of satisfaction in using up what I have. You know with the economy in the pits and I swear that groceries have doubled in price in the last year it is everything you can do to cut back on spending.

One of my favorite places, is the day old bread store. I actually love this place. When I was little we would all go to the swimming pool in Kanawha City and on the way home, my mother would stop in the bread store. She would always get bread, but also had a knack at getting really good bargains on snacks. With 6 kids you had to have some snacks and a bargain was the best. She would get the individual apple, cherry pies and pop them in the freezer. We would just eat them frozen. They are however good also heated for 30 seconds in the microwave. Chocolate donuts and white donuts were frozen too. No matter how much she bought they were all scarfed up for sure.

At my bread store, usually about Thursday, you can get 4 packages of bagels for $5.00 dollars. Same for their grain breads. I usually stock up in the freezer.

The bagels turn out to be what $1.25 for 6. Not a bad deal. My kids like them toasted, cream cheese and jelly. I keep track on whether they are getting eaten and usually when they seem like they have been sitting a few days and no ones eating them. I recreate them.

Let me explain, a great way to use these bagels.

I take a bagel, split in half and push down the inside and even take a bit of the inside and push into the hole, sealing it. It then becomes a boat. A small bowl for any kinda fillings.

Today, I had leftover spinach filling that I had last week, I even had extra that I keep in the freezer. I put about 2 tablespoons into the bagel bowl, sprinkled with shredded cheese and popped into oven.

other ideas:
*fill with scrambled eggs, sausage and cheese
*potatoes and cheese
*taco meat
*you could go sweet and maybe a peanut butter mixed with a bit of cream cheese
*or a pie filling then top with ice cream

These also would make for a nice dinner with a side salad.. I am in love with the greek salad now. So I make that all the time.

If you try this leave me a comment, I love feed back.

Well have a great day...


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