Lemon Pepper Salmon

I was having a terrible, horrible, terrible day. I was so down and out. Must be those menopausal hormones  combined with the really cold air which turns on that arthritis and leaves me walking like the Frankenstein. 

So I decided that I would cook a very much favorite of mine for my lunch. I am just love salmon. I usually can't afford it too often. I promise I couldn't get such a nice piece at an affordable price in a restaurant either.  A few weeks ago I was in Krogers and found some frozen that was a decent price.

I pulled it out in the morning and by the afternoon it was ready for me to make. So easy that I wanted to share it with you. You don't always have to go to a fine restaurant to find a great dish. It is as close as your refrigerator. The time was less than it would take to order it out.

Oh my, the picture just leaves my mouth watering. Actually made two pieces and fixed my dear husband a plate when he got home from work.

Lemon Pepper Salmon

lemon pepper seasoning (but if you have it I sometimes use a bit of sea salt, lemon zest and juice with grounded pepper) If you use the lemon pepper seasoning go easy, cause it is salty.

olive oil

a slice of salmon

salad greens (come pre-cleaned in a container at store)

balsamic vinegar

Easy Quick Instructions

To make the salmon, I put a generous amount of olive oil in pan and put in lemon pepper seasoning  (I pour all the pan on top of greens and it mixes with the balsamic vinegar on the lettuce, which in turns make a vinegarette)

Drop Salmon down on the oil and lemon pepper in the pan on low heat, Put a lid on. I would say just a few minutes (you can tell the flesh on the bottom start turning white, I wait till it is halfway before I flip it.)
Flip and do the other side. Do watch it, cause it can burn quick

In your bowl, put your salad greens and cover them with a sprinkle of balsamic vinegar. Then add the hot cooked salmon from the pan.

It is soooooo yummmmyyyyyy...

Another picture. I couldn't resist.


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