Ham Salad

Here is hoping that everyone had a great Thanksgiving and that your blessings were over flowing..

We had as usual food upon food. And then some, but I use this opportunity to recreate other meals.

I pride myself on trying to use up all the food stuff I have before I go to buy more. I also try to incorporate what I have and then buy some to go with it. The price of groceries go up and I get more creative.

I had a wonderful teacher, my mother. She would make something out of nothing all the time. It always tasted so wonderful. When I make something she made, it takes me back to being little. Sometimes that is a wonderful feeling that you like to keep.

Today, I had the last bit of ham left from Thanksgiving.

I made Ham Salad. This is really easy and I think it is a great way to change up from a regular ham sandwich.

Sharing with you today..

Ham Salad


Leftover chunks of ham (I cut mine into smaller chunks to put in my food processor, I sometimes use my Immersion blender, it has a little bowl to hook it to and it is a perfect size.)

sweet relish (add to your pleasing)

mayonnaise (to make it the way you would like your salad, I use very little just enough to hold it all together)

mustard (just a few squirts)


Process your ham done to the chunky texture you like (mine is itty small) and mix with the ingredients. Spread on your favorite bread and enjoy.

* My mother just recently told me that she started to use honey mustard in it. It is very yummy.

This is also good on crackers too.

On the saving note - here are some of the things I did with all my leftovers.

* boiled my turkey carcass and made turkey broth. I froze 6 quarts of that.

* took rest of turkey broth and put in shredded left over turkey, the peas, celery, carrots, onions and any other lonely veggie in the fridge and made a soup mixture. Made the broth really full of stuff.

* from the soup mixture I took out 3 quarts of mostly the mixture and maybe a cup of broth. Which I froze and will make into pot pies in the future..

* finally had atleast 2 quarts left of broth and veggies, which I added noodles and we finally had turkey soup.

*with my ham, I took and cubed it up and put into the snack baggies (I got about 12) and then put into a freezer bag. I then can take them as needed for pizzas, omlets, and salad toppings.

* I also took the time to make 4 turkey tv dinners. I fixed them on the sectional plastic plates I have then sealed a mealed them, plate and all. Pop into freezer.

*with the mashed potatoes I made potatoe puffs in the oven (will post that recipe on a separate post so I can keep them in some kinda order.

So there is what I have been up to..



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