Bagel Thin Breakfast Sandwich wwpp= 6

Starting the New Year out on a new foot. Everyone seems to do it. So you know I decided that I was going to watch more closely what I was eating. I am actually following the WW stuff. I find that when I play by the rules, the weight does come off and during the holiday, I didn't do so well.

I have been going through some health issues with this last hip replacement. It is 2 and 1/2 years and I am so tired of hurting, limping and doing therapy. I strive every day just to do my best. I do therapy at home, religiously and I am trying to focus more on my diet and keep hoping that I will be back and running before no time.

This was my breakfast this morning. I know everyone knows how to make an egg sandwich, but I just thought I would share how I made mine. You don't have to follow ww to make this. Actually it is a pretty okay calorie wise.. let me see the thin bagel  was 110. The egg what 70. The cheese 70. The spinach next to nothing...

Bagel Thin Breakfast Sandwich


1 Thin Bagel ( I used Thomas', but I saw the other day that Aldis had a bagel thin)

1 piece of cheese

1 egg

6 little spinach leaves


1) Pop your Bagel Thin in toaster (watch it can get done quick)

2) Now this is how I make an egg, quick, and fits the bread. You will need a bowl (I use my corell small bowl) Spray with pam spray, and crack egg into it. Scramble.

3) Take the leaves of spinach and stack on top of each other and roll up and cut into very thin strips (it just looked prettier and was not so over whelming, you know green scares kids off)

4) Mix the spinach into the uncooked egg in the bowl. Place in Microwave for 40 second. Check and it should be done, if you need longer go in inclements of 5 seconds.

5) Place on toasted Bagel Thin and place a piece of cheese.

6) Cut in half and enjoy.

See you got a good shot of vitamins in that breakfast. The only problem I had was I had to share mine.
Mother hood...


I appreciate all my friends that read my blog. It is just really an outlet to share the stuff I come across. If you ever want to share back always feel free to leave a comment. Or hit me up in an email.

So everyone here is to a NEW YEAR

Get out there be brave, do something new... make it yours.


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