Golden Tiger Seasoned Chicken for Lettuce Wraps

I am always looking for new things and new ways to improve or change ours meals. I found this at Sam's Club and it really looked tasty. Please remember that sometimes it is not what it looks like.

When I opened this huge box, there were 2 - 6 inch packets of chicken (looked grounded and grey, but I think it was actually a minced cut of chicken. 2-6 inch packets of veggies (looked like minced green onion, garlic, water chestnut and maybe some green pepper.) 2 -4 inch packets of sauce you mix into the meat after you cook it for 4 minutes. 2 - 2 inch packets of sauce to pour on top after you put it on your lettuce.

Well after you cook all the small bits for 4 minutes, you add the sauce.. and then another 4. Way to long, was way too hot. It made about 2 tbs of mix to put on each lettuce leaf. Sure did not look like above. It was a yucky color too.

You would have done better getting a bag of there oriental blend veggies and your own chicken, you could have chunked it small and stir fried it all. I think it would have been cheaper, more healthier and more enjoyable.

I just wanted to share with you so that you don't waste your money.
Money is tight, and groceries are expensive and I think we just have to come to realize that from scratch sometimes is the way to go.

Live and learn.


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