Sweet Won ton Egg Roll wwpp=2pt or 2 for 3pt

I woke up craving those sweet won tons from the Chinese restaurant. I hunted a bit in my fridge and I found all that I needed to create a faux sweet won ton. Actually mine are a bit larger. These boys ended up being      around 1.5 a point, so that makes them 2 for 3 points.

Sweet Won ton Egg Roll   wwpp= 2 pt for one,  3pt for 2


1/2 bar of fat free cream cheese (let soften a bit)

1/8 of a cup of splenda

1 small egg

8 egg roll wrappers


1) Mix cream cheese, splenda and the egg all together.

2) Lay down egg roll wrapper. Wet the sides.

3) Lay in some of the filling (about 2 tsp, do not overfill, just enough so you can fold it over in half)

4) Seal edges. Wet again the three sealed edges and fold them over again. Sealing it like a rectangle package.

5) Spray a pan with non-stick spray and gently lay in pan. I did these on low to medium so I could not over brown them.

6) When brown on both sides, remove.

Please, Please, Please.

LET THEM COOL.   The filling inside gets super hot.


These really hit the spot and it left me not paying the Chinese takeout prices.
With the ingredients it even kept me on my diet track with weight watchers.

As for me and mine, this going to the store and shopping is becoming a stressfull game. I have to stretch every dime. I no longer just go buy to cook, I have to take a look at what I have and then what I need to create that dish, saving money all the time. Leftovers have taken over a new meaning.

So friends..get out there in the kitchen, experiment...make it yours...


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