Pastrami Provolone Sub

Happy after Christmas to everyone...

It seems my bunch is tired of turkey, stuffing, roast, vegetables, and heavy meals. They seem to have gyrated towards a few sandwiches. I find a good sandwich makes for a quick meal and actually helps with moving leftovers out of that refrigerator.

I actually tried the pinterest one that used the Hawaiian rolls, with ham and cheese then this mix of butter and stuff poured over top. It was a big hit and it makes a full cookie sheet, which equal less work, make and pop in oven and serve to the bunch.

Today I bought some turkey pastrami at the Sam's club, a package of provolone cheese and a bag of 6 - 12 inch hero bread. I took estimated one loaf per every two people with one half leftover for anyone extra hungry.

Pastrami Provolone Sub


Turkey Pastrami (or any you like thin sliced, I am cheap I used 6 slices per loaf, you can just pile it up and make it authentic yummy)

Provolone Cheese (you can also here use whatever cheese you like, use what you have I prefer provolone or mozzarella)

Grain Mustard ( here also any you like)

Sour Kraut (you can opt this one out if you don't like it and put a dill pickle)


1) Cut open all loaves and build the sandwich, pastrami, sauerkraut, provolone, and mustard.

2) On a foil lined sheet pan, lightly butter entire loaf on each side and lay on sheet pan.

3) With another sheet pan, put on top and put something heavy. I used my iron grill.

4) Place in oven at 400 for the first 10 minutes, then remove top (carefully it was hot)
leaving in the loaves to brown up a bit and get crunchy (about another 10-15 minutes)

5)  Pull out and cut into quarters and leave there and let them come and get it...

You could also do this with ham/cheese, cornbeef/swiss, salami and mozzarella...endless possibilities.

This again was a big hit at my house and I will most probably do it this way again. There was virtually no mess, except when putting together, and cleaning up was just a roll of the foil and toss.


So another year is coming to an end. It seems as sometimes, it is a long time and sometimes it is just brand new.

I wish for all my friends a Happy New Year. I wish for you all, just enough, just enough love, for those days you need it, just enough memories to carry you through, just enough of all that you will need.

Take time to enjoy you family, make great memories and remember..."It really is just that simple."

Much love to all...


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