Vegetable Egg Rolls Fried in Coconut Oil Revamped wwpp = 2 eggrolls =3 points

I know after all that Thanksgiving food, a little Chinese food sounds really good. We actually have an all you can eat buffet near us, but I choose to try and make my own. I can watch the ingredients and calories. Since I am back on WW I can also try to make them delicious with the least amount of points.

I have made these a while back, as a baked egg roll option. I really like them baked, but my husband seems to think that it is lacking that fried taste. So today I made them a little differently, giving my coconut oil a try. Let me say I did not taste any coconut at all.

I also made these out of necessity to use up the big bag of coleslaw mix I bought before the holiday. So let me get to writing out this recipe for you.

Vegetable Egg Rolls  Fried in Coconut Oil



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