Ball Parks Finest Beef Dogs... New Item...Tried this flavor and fell in love with them

Last week in your coupons you should have had one of these. I am usually not one to buy much brand name stuff and I also steer away from processed things. Hot Dogs has pretty much just been a treat, every now and again.

I picked these up and was very impressed with them. You put them in a medium fry pan with a bit of water, let boil, and then I just let the water boil off of them and then pick up the crispy outside. They were very juicy. I also was amazed at the seasoning. Mine was cracked Dijon mustard and wow, I could really taste it. I even had my ketchup and mustard out to put on it, but I enjoyed the naked taste. I am also low carbing so there was no bun and I was still okay.. Yes, I know for real?

I would recommend these for a quick meal, with maybe sauerkraut and mashed cauliflower...hmmmmm...

Well gotta go, just thought I would pop in and share..

Have a wonderful Sunday and enjoy....Life is really that simple..


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