Fruit Popsicles

this is my peach one

Fruit Popsicles 

I come to find out this summer a lot of things produce do not last more than the time they are supposed to as a matter it sometimes just a few days. I find that I buy batch of bananas and maybe half get eaten and there is always a few turning black. I have bought also a lot of watermelon and it always seems you get halfway through and the crew has lost interest in the delicious sweet watermelon. Their attention span is not too long, but that is a totally whole other subject. 

This summer as usual I always try to stay on my game and I  keep watch on what I bought to save money. Everyone knows with black bananas you can make banana bread, you can put them in the freezer peeled, smoothies or use it make with the Yonanna Maker. I decided this year, to make Popsicles. I know in the store a box of fruit Popsicles,  pure fruit Popsicles are about $3-$4 for six. 

Fruit Popsicles


Fresh fruit 

A bit of sweetener ( you will have to taste mixture to see if needed) 

Coconut Water ( or any liquid you like, just to help blend or to add to the Popsicle )

Popsicle Molds ( dollar store has the plastic one, I purchased mine through amazon and they make twelve)

Popsicle Sticks ( bought a huge box at walmart)


1) Take your fruit and purée the fruit. (Or if you like chunky, purée a bit and cut small chunks to drop into the mold and then  pour in juice mixture)

> At this point... I used watermelon, with a touch of sea salt and lime. I also did a watermelon and dropped a few blueberries in it. I made a set of banana ones just with a little coconut water to make smooth. I also did a few in peach, the peach although I used a bit of coconut water, I did add just a bit of sweetener, it was a tiny too tart. SO BE SURE AND TASTE.. before you pour into your molds.

2) Fill molds, put on top, and put in sticks and freeze.. To unmold just run a little hot water over them and they will come free.

3) You can put each one in a sandwich bag and then all into a freezer bag and keep like that. I found that the single portion bags is the perfect size and they even zip close with the stick in them.
 Here is a picture of the portion bags and one of the popsicles being packaged.

Here is the picture of the molds that I bought at Amazon. I just love mine. I actually have two. I really enjoy a nice fruit pop in the evenings. The kids like the sweeter ones, I make with jello mix. That is just making jello mix and pouring in, and I add a few fruits, strawberries, blueberries.

Making your own fruit popsicles is actually a saver. You can have the comfort of knowing you didn't waste, you know the ingredients and you actually get a good treat.

What could be better than that on a hot summer night..

So my friends, It really is just that simple..


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