Papadoms A New Food Find

 Gotcha a new food to try....

Papadoms - Papadum

Well not really sure how to spell this neat little snack, but I can tell you that I really did enjoy eating them.

I have never heard of them, but I was chatting with my sister the other day and she was talking about a new snack that she was loving. Papadom's. So you know me, anything new, different, I am off. It is an Indian (made in India) Cracker. You can serve them with anything. They are even good plain. I like the fact that they have protein and fiber in them. They are made from Chick Pea flour. There are recipes to make your own, but I was in a big hurry to try them.

 I have read alot of reviews on which is a better brand, but that I really didn't look into too many choices. I use Amazon all the time and this is the plain that I found in their online store. I think Publix might carry them in their international isle, or an international Market.

I actually bought the 20 packs. Which I really did not realize that, that is alot.
Each pack has 200 grams in it. Each pkg is a little over 7oz and 1 oz is equal to 28 grams. If I did my math right. There are like 17 of them in one package so a serving is one ounce, and one oz would be 3 of these little gems.

Which gives me this little nutritional info:
1 oz= 28grams = 3 pieces
total calories = 104
total fat = 1
carb = 17
fiber = 5
protein = 7

and if you are a weight watcher person. I figured in the calculator 2pts for this serving.

To Make these:

1) Place one on a microwaveable dish. 

2) Spritz with a Pam spray

3) Sprinkle with a bit of salt. (I bet Lime would be good too. or chili)

4) Microwave for around 40 seconds to a minute, watch them kinda puff up, and get a bit brown, stop before they burn.

Please be careful removing them, they are hot. I let cool a bit and then crack them into nice big pieces.

I dipped mine in my hummus dip. I bet a tiziki sauce would be good too. I also read they are really good with curry and Indian type foods.

This I guess, since I bought the giant 20 packs is my new snack food. But that is okay, because I have a few curry chicken recipes and a lamb briyani I want to try and this would be a great addition to my meal. 

I am writing this at 3:30 in the morning, another one of those sleepless nights.
School has started back and I am all off schedule. So enjoy this find. If you try it holler back and let me know what you think.

Until then.. enjoy your day.. make time for yourself. Put your feet up, a cup of tea and keep it light...because it really is just that simple.


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