Quinoa Pasta New Item -- Tried It - did not like it

Bought this the other day, thinking that it would provide a bit more protein to my meal. I bought it on Amazon.com. The best place to find the newer stuff coming out on the market.

I am a big fan of quinoa anyway. I make mine in the rice cooker, perfect every time.

I made this today and when it was warm it was just like any other pasta. I thought it was pretty good.

Today I put it in my BLT Pasta Salad. I just snuck in to try it after it had set for a few hours in the fridge, and I was sadly disappointed.
The pasta had taken on the flavors of the tomato and stuff, but it had hardened back into a very aldente toothy bit..yucky..

Sad cause I used the last of my tomatoes on it...but it is okay. I will go on a tomato hunt tomorrow..

But I will not be buying this again.


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