Air Fry Mushrooms (Series 1-3) (Weight Watchers)

Air Fry Mushrooms

What you need:

A clean basket of sliced mushrooms.
Or you can do them whole also.
Seasoning that you would like.

What you need to do:

Take the mushrooms and put in a gallon bag.
Pour in on top the seasoning that you would like.'
Pour in  1tsp of olive oil.
Shake and massage until everyone is coated.

Pre-heat Air Fryer
Pre- spray with a oil mister (Pam now has a mister)
Pour in the mushrooms (leaving room for the air to circulate)
I put on 360 and cooked them for 8 minutes, shaking them at 4.
(You can also go longer, depending on how you like them)

These we had with our seasoned chicken strips and they were really a filling vegetable.
On the Weight Watcher points it came to 0, the oil was so low. So you could actually count it as 1 also. I do just to be careful.

I usually only use sea salt and that little olive oil. Put you could also spray pam into the bag and shake.

I DO NOT USE COOKING SPRAY in the inside of my Air Fryer, I read that it can cake up.

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For now
Keeping it simple, because the simple things are the best.


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