Air Fry Chicken Breast Strips (Series 1 -2) (Weight Watchers)

Air Fry - Chicken Breast Strips

What you need:

Chicken Breasts (for a family of 5 I do 6)
Seasoning of any type that you would like.
A tsp of olive oil.

What we need to do:

Take the Breast and Cut in thin strips.
Separate into what flavors you like and put into a gallon baggie.
Season and pour 1sp of olive oil in the bag.
Shake until massaged and coated.

Pre-heat the Air Fryer.
Pre-spray the basket (with a mister of oil / Pam has a new mister)
Lay in the thin strip.
I set my Air Fryer to 400 and for 12 minutes.
Stop and flip at 6 minutes.
( I also found that at 10 minutes it was usually done)
(you also can keep cooking until you get the color you want your chicken)

Finish this with a side of salad or on a salad. We also ate this with air fryed vegetables that I had sitting in the veggie draw.

If you just use the seasoning and then airfry. This made it a 0-maybe 1ish Weight Watcher Point. If that, the oil was so little.

I hope that you give them a try also. I love feed back so be sure to leave a comment. Or even better follow me.

For now
Keeping it simple, because the simple things are the best.


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