Air Fry Wings (Series 1-1) (Weight Watchers)

Air Fry Wings

These are the first things that I tried in  my Air Fryer. I  took a fresh package of wings and separated them.
Let me first explain about wings.
The is the wing tip (also called the flapper), the middle part is the wingette and then the meatiest part is called the drumette  One is to cut the tip off and then to cut in between the wingette and the drumette.

Once these are all cut, I put about 15 in a large gallon bag. I do this with all my wings. I can then season, marinate and use, or I can go ahead and freeze for later.

I have a plethora of spices, It depends on how we feel.
Hot > then we soak in hot sauce and season on it some creole Cajun or something even hotter.
Greek > I found a great all in one green spice at the store, a little olive oil in the bag and some of that seasoning on top.
Lemon pepper >same a little oil and then seasoning.
Blackening > same.
What seasoning you use, just close the bag up and massage all the wings and spices together.

You can also toss in wet sauces when you are finished, but we found the seasoning was just enough and they were lovely to eat.

Now you are ready for the air fryer part.

We have actually lately, putting a big cutting board in the middle of my table and plugging in and cooking right there. Creates a really fun family dinner time. I mix up in between the batches of wings, maybe fries, mushrooms, cauliflower, any kind of vegetable.

Spray the bottom of the basket with an olive oil mister, Pam now has a mister. Then lay in oh, maybe 15 wings. I have the 5.8 qt nuwave. Leaving space around them. I set the timer for 400 and twenty minutes. After 10 I open up and flip them. Another 10. Sometimes I found I wanted them darker and I would go longer. After using it constantly for about 30 minutes, sometimes they went faster. The veggies I would do would only take 5-8 minutes. The fries from frozen took about 12.

This meal was a winner and I will do it again. I love to pre-prep so I will be looking for a deal on wings.
These came in at about 1pt a piece on my Weight Watchers. That is without sauce or blue cheese. But there are some great 1 point blue cheese dressings out there. The one thing I love about WW is you can still work in real food that you love. Beef these up with some veggies or a great little salad and you have a complete satisfying meal.

I hope you give it a shot. I am planning how to figure how I can go on you tube, so you can see me do this. I will be working on that. I love learning new things and growing outside the box.

For now
Keeping it simple, because the simple things are the best.


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