Air Fryer Corn Tortilla Chips (Series 1-8) ( Weight Watchers)

Air Fryer time again..

I made tortilla chips out of the Mission Yellow Corn Tortillas Extra Thin. Weight Watchers 3 tortillas for 4 points.

I took 6 to make a double batch, one to put up, and one to try. I have to confess I had to take an extra 4 points today, because they were really good. The chili lime I put on them was very tasty. I put my lime on while they were in the fryer, because I forgot it. When I do these again, I will put the chili lime on them when I prep them for the air fryer.

What you need:

Corn tortillas (there are other kinds out there, just if you are a WW check your points) If not any kind would do.

Pam spray

Seasoning : Anything you like garlic salt, onion, I used a chili lime that I found.

 What you need to do:

1. Lay them out on a paper towel and spray lightly both sides, at this point you can season also.

2. Stack them up and cut into 8 pieces.

3. Preheat the Air fryer.

4. Lay them into the air fryer, leaving a little airspace around the edge. I even stacked them on top of each other. Don't panic. It is okay.

5. Put them on 360 at 6 minutes. This was my first time, so I checked them every 2 minutes. Shaking all times. 
2 min 

4 min
6. At 6 minutes I removed them.

I thought these were the perfect coloring and snap. I salted them a bit more.

I fixed them really pretty by the portion and WW points..

They were very good. They had more of a restaurant taste than the bag kind. They were very easy to make.
The extra batch...I admit it ...I ate them. Yes, I took the extra 4 points onto my day.. But gosh sometimes things are so good.

I had these for breakfast also.

I had to share again the new Air fryer.
If you give it a try, or have a comment feel free.
I will keep experimenting.

I wish I was brave enough to make a video, so I can do it step by step, but I am not very camera pretty..just a mom here.
Maybe one day.

So, For now

Keeping it simple, because the simple things are the best.



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