Air Fryer Corn Tortilla (Series 1-4 )(Weight Watchers)

Mission Yellow Corn Tortillas (Extra thin)
Weight watchers 2 for 3pts or 3 for 4pts.
Here's the back of them.

I was kinda skeptical about putting them in the Air Fryer, but I was wrong. With mine this time, I wanted them to have a bowlish kinda shape, to hold it all on. So I made foil balls, (flatten one side so it won't roll in air fryer) I layered each one on, and yes they covered each other in spots. Afraid it wouldn't work, I did it anyway.

Here is how it looked as it went in Air Fryer 400 for 8 minutes
I wanted you to see how they over lapped, and I did not spray at all. I think I would spray if I was laying them directly on the basket.

After 8 minutes, they were nice, and crunchy and somewhat a bowlish look.
Here is a shot after I put the lettuce on them. I put lettuce first to kinda make it a filling meal.

I fixed them with a great new recipe, I made for my lunch today. Please forward ahead in the blog and learn how I made Chorizo Bean Tostado (3 pts for 1 serving or 5 pts for 2 servings.) One however was very filling for me.

So check me out...leave a message if you would like, follow me, I would love to hear if anyone gives it a try.

For now.
Keeping it simple, because the simple things are the best.


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