Fried Green Tomatoes - Farmer's Table

Fried Green Tomatoes and my new favorite place: The Farmer’s Table

This weekend I happened upon a great new find, for Douglas County, GA.

They are on facebook: The Farmer's Table be sure to check them out.

It has all kinds of fresh fruits and vegetables. Got some homemade goodies in there too. It is open Monday – Friday 8am-6pm. I recommend dropping by an checking it out.

I have been driving by and noticing that a sign was up, and then noticed it was starting to get some stock in and getting organized. A few days later I saw the open sign and lots of vegetables showing out front. So I decided to stop. The people inside were friendly and very helpful. The store inside was neatly packed with all kinds of goodies too. Boiled peanuts were cooking and the smell was tempting. They had some home packed goodies. The sample that I was offered was for the fixings for a pecan pie, all in a jar. Unfortunately I had just had a visit to the dentist and couldn’t sample. But when I can, it looked delicious.

The first time I went I bought a seedless watermelon (around 5 bucks), 4 green tomatoes and 3 red tomatoes. Ended up walking out just paying short of 7 dollars total. Talk about a bargain. And let’s talk about fresh.

The watermelon was delightful. Nothing is better than cold, sweet, dripping watermelon on a hot summer day and you know it is hot here in Georgia.

The green tomatoes made into fried green tomatoes. They were so firm and cooked up so well. I am going to share the recipe with you in a minute, so get your pens out. Yummy!

Today we went again to this wonderful place, I guess by now you can tell I love fresh fruit and vegetables fresh from a garden. I bought 6 yellow corns, 6 white sweet corn, 8 green tomatoes, and again walked out only paying 6 bucks. The corn was so good and so sweet. We had to pick numbers to see who got that extra piece.

I took 4 of the green tomatoes and made fried green tomatoes again. Again, yes you heard me, my kids hate tomatoes and they requested this. I serve it with ranch dressing. I have 4 left to make, and I am trying to decide whether I want to share them or not…that remains to be decided.

Since it turns out to be a hit I just wanted to share this quick recipe with everyone.

Fried Green Tomatoes (easy, quick)

4 firm green tomatoes (this made about 14 pieces) (I cut them into about ½ slices)
2 eggs (this is to dip the tomatoes in)
1 box of jiffy corn muffin mix (keep this dry, this is the coating)
1 tablespoon of season salt
Canola oil (or oil to fry in)


In a bowl mix the jiffy mix with the season salt.
In another bowl beat two eggs.

Slice the green tomatoes (I like mine kind of thick so about ¼ to ½ inch was good)
Now stop and prepare the oil. (Use about ¼ inch of oil)

NOTE> each batch must have a clean pan. I found that the leftover coating would get hot quick and burn, before you could add the new batch. I suggest either a big pan or use two pans. I used only about ¼ inch of oil, that way I could pour it out and start a new batch.

In a bowl mix the jiffy mix with the season salt.

In another bowl beat two eggs.

Dip the tomatoes slice in the egg and then into the cornbread mix and then lay in the hot oil. (Watch these get brown fast) When brown on one side flip and do the other. Place on paper towels to drain, while you make the next batch.

I know you could just make one batch, but at my house one is never enough. So just give in and do the two you won’t regret it.

Tonight’s dinner was fried green tomatoes and fresh corn. Yummy….

Can’t wait to go back the Farmers Table and see what is next on this season’s menu.

So look, try new things, get out there. There are many neat places to experience.
Enjoy the moments.


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