Hot Dogs and Fries - day 3

Hey day 3 of my 6 week menu.. nothing to special to write about.

Hotdogs and fries.

I always make a few small containers of chili when I am making my big chili. I just get it before I had the beans. I season it a little spicy and then put in small containers in freezer. When I have hotdogs, I just pop it out. Also really great on fries and tator tots..

Today I had to go to the dentist again, this time was just to get the crown put on. Guess what it didn't fit and they had to again, novacaine me. I am so afraid of needles, so need-less I sat there and cried my eyes out.

After that agonizing few moments, they had to make a re-impression. With that goopy blue stuff. So my mouth was full of that stuff, her hand and of course I started to gag. I gagged and gagged and you can only imagine.. I have no dignity anymore. I am 50 and have had 3 children, so my bladder isn't want it is supposed to be... well, I was protected, but it was 3 gags...oh the shame...too, much info.. I know, but if me sharing makes anyone else feel better, then it is what is.

So to cut this tirade down and climb back into my pitty boat... I will say bye for now....a good diet coke and a moment of quiet and I should be back on my game..


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