Loaded Hot Dogs and Baked Beans

Loaded Hot Dogs and Beans

I have been keeping with my menu, but I went a bit wild on the Labor Day weekend. I like any good cook knows, that I don’t like to waste and I must use what we have before I make a fresh new entrĂ©e. So here is what’s for dinner tonight:

Loaded Hot Dogs

This is a great way to finish off all of your grilling and cookout stuff.

The coleslaw is left over from the cookout. The chili is made from taking extra meat before I pattied the burgers. The onion is already cut for the cookout as a condiment. I had left over buns and dogs.

So tonight it is the loaded hotdog…I put two on the plate for the picture. In reality I could only eat the one, because I was holding out for the baked beans.

Loaded Dogs


Hot dogs

Hot dog buns


Onion (diced)




Load it up..For real..
I am sure some people can really put more on it. Just do it. Make it how you like it.

Now for the real recipes:



Shredded cabbage (I buy the pre-cut cabbage in the bag) (I buy the large one so that I can make other things out of it. Cabbage Soup, Lemon Cabbage Mini Pies, Cabbage Roll Casserole, and even for Egg Rolls – I will be posting these recipes soon)

¼ cup of mayo

3 tablespoons of rice vinegar or red wine vinegar (you can use regular vinegar too)

2 tsp of sugar (I use splenda)

Mix all together and let sit. Be sure to stir before serving.

Chili for Dogs


1lb of hamburger (browned and crumbled small) (when I buy my hamburger meat, I section it into different things to make. I will address hamburger soon in an upcoming blog)

¼ of minced onion

¼ cup of ketchup (or a can of tomato sauce)

Chili spices

Hot sauce (if you want it spicy)

Worcestershire sauce

Blend all these together and let simmer.

As an addition to the meal we are having the baked beans we made for the weekend also.

Amped Up Beans


2 cans of Bush’s (I like these because they have already been seasoned)

¼ cup of pulled pork (you can buy pre-made bq in the store) (What I do is when I make a pulled pork for dinner I section off 2 small containers for the freezer. They are such a great addition to the beans. It makes it taste like a steak house’s beans) I will address the Pulled Pork recipe in upcoming blogs also.

¼ cup of brown sugar

¼ cup of your favorite bq sauce.

Mix all together and let simmer a little bit.

I guess from the looks of it. I have shared a lot of information. I am going to have to get on it and get these blogs coming faster.

I hope you enjoy my blogs and can find something useful or at least something entertaining.


Anonymous said…
Yeah I know, I'd go a bowl of them there baked beans n'befor a loaded hot dog. Heck 'n all, I'd be one to load my dog with baked beans! ☺

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