Salmon Pattie-Less

Salmon Pattie-Less

I created this recipe, out of desire to have something quick and easy for the kids for dinner. Fish is good for you, salmon has really good stuff in it for your brain cells, and God knows I need that. Since I started making it, the kids ask for it on pasta and rice. They prefer the rice because they mix it in.

In one of my recent blog posts, I addressed the rice cooker. The best way and easiest to cook rice. Minute rice works in a pinch. Also on the same note, not wanting to cheat pasta out of any attention. Rice a roni now makes a three minute (about 4 maybe) pasta that is quick and tastes really good.

I am not always about quick and easy. I also love the taste of food and how to make it my own way. So of course any of these recipes I post you can transpose and make it the way you like it.

This recipe actually came about from my mother’s original salmon patties. I loved it when she would make them for us. So I had to try to duplicate the taste. So here is my version



1 can of salmon

½ diced onion

¼ cup (eyeball what you like) of frozen peas (often I will use peas and carrots)

¼ cup of bread crumbs (or 7 -8 well crumbled crackers)

Olive oil

Lemon pepper seasoning

Old bay seasoning


Dice your onion and put in sautee pan with a bit of olive oil,start to soften.

Meanwhile open your can salmon, drain juice into a bowl. Hold salmon in your hand and gentle pull apart. You will find a spine with thin little bones, (I was at a loss for words, don’t really know what it is, do not be intimidated, it is edible and there is no need to freak if you don’t get it all. Just crush it up in the salmon) just pull gently and it falls off.

Put salmon in another bowl and break it up how you like to eat it. I do it small, because they mix it into their rice.

When onion are tender add the salmon and the peas (in the picture, I didn’t add any veggies, I would out, but it turned out good anyway.) in and stir.

Add the seasoning (you can use what ever you like) and then the bread crumbs and add back just enough of the juice to moisten it enough to work with (looks almost like a hash).
>>>>>note: Don’t throw rest of juice out, if you have a cat, let her lap it up, it is really good for their fur and they will love you for it.

At this point is where I add a bit more olive oil and turn the heat up and stir (flip) as it sits it starts to crust on the bottom. Cook until you get it as crunchy as you like it.

I served this on the rice I just cooked with fresh lemon juice squirted on top. It really gave it a kick.

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