Basmati Rice and The Rice Cooker

The Rice Cooker

One of my most favorite things I ever bought for my kitchen was my rice cooker. At the the time I think I got it at the big lots for $8.00. So please look around, sometimes you can find them at a cheap price.
I cant even remember how much it can hold. I also know you can do other things with it.
I personally use it just for my rice. It does all kinds of rice. The favorite here is the basmati rice. I made a big batch, so that I can make the leftovers into fried rice, Spanish rice, or save to put into a soup broth.

I personally like how you don’t have to do anything to it. It does it all, and to beat it all it can keep it warm too. So when those days that I have a million things to do right when I am cooking dinner, throw it together and forget.

Basmati Rice

Take 4 cups of rice and rinse it three to four times. It removes some of the starch and it makes it more fluffier.

Put the rice in the cooker and add 1 and ½ cups of water per cup of rice (this varies with individual types of rice, when I doubt do what it says on the bag. )

Put a few squirts of olive oil in and stir up and turn it on.

When it clicks off and goes to warm it is ready to eat.

I usually add seasoning for it to cook itwith. My all time favorite is garlic powder and chicken boulion. I have been trying the tomato-chicken boulion. It makes a great background flavor when you are making Mexican rice, or Spanish rich.

I hope that you will get a rice cooker, or I have inspired you to dig yours out.
Let me know what you are doing with it. Anything cool, send my way?

As always, much love and be kind to each other.


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