Fried Barbeque Bologna Sandwiches

Fried Barbeque Bologna Sandwiches

Talk about looking for something, when you have no plans on what to fix.

I was really stumped tonight so I began the search for a different kind of sandwich.

Seeing as I had that flat of day old buns (bread store man sold them to me for $.50, bargain. Score!) still left, I had to find something warm that would soften them and I could get the kids to eat them thinking that they were fresh, just for them.

I found in my fridge the two packages of light bologna that I bought this week at Krogers for $1.99. So I started thinking about a favorite of mine that my mother would make us.

One of my Mother's go to sandwiches (for 8 people) was the fried bologna sandwich. Her take on it was to put in the bq sauce.

Fried Barbeque Bologna Sandwiches


(this is for one sandwich, I never ever cooked for one, so just eyeball the ingredients)

3 pieces of bologna per bun (cut a little slit on both sides to keep the bologna from curling up in the pan)

A slap of butter

A pour of BQ sauce (any that you like, I usually have a half a bottle hanging out in the fridge)



Melt butter in the pan.

Put in Bologna, cook a bit until it starts to brown.

Pour in what amount of BQ Sauce ( you could also put a bit of hot sauce, if you are a spicey person) you like and coat it real well (watch at this point because it will start to caramelize and will burn.)

When warm, remove and put on the bun.

Take bun top and sop up the rest of the BQ Sauce in the pan. Don't leave any behind.

Be careful when you eat it, because it is hot.

Serve with your favorite chips.

This was a go to dish for a busy Friday.

I hope this post finds everyone happy and healthy.

Please have a safe Labor Day weekend.

Drop me a line anytime..share with me your favorite dish.

Have a great weekend. Much love from my family to yours..


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