Corn Beef Hash w/Fried Egg

So St Paddy's Day is over and it will be back next year. Our favorite St Paddy Meal is the traditional Corn beef and Cabbage. This year, I popped 2 corn beefs into my crock pot for the meal. I also did this year a tray sheet of roasted potatoes from the already little white potatoes in the can. Finishing with  the cabbage in the leftover broth of the cooked corn beefs. The Meal was of course a very hardy one.

With the leftovers I made the above corn beef and hash.

Corn Beef Hash with a Fried Egg on Top


1 tsp of olive oil or coconut oil

1/2 diced onion

1 cup of diced leftover potatoes (if nothing leftover then just saute these until soft and then add the corn beef)

2 cups of leftover corn beef. Diced up into bite size pieces.


1) Put oil into a large flat pan. Saute onions and the potatoes.

2) Add in the corn beef and saute until you like it. I saute until the corn beef and potatoes start to get a crusty cooked.

3) Fry a few eggs, into sunny side. The runny egg is totally delicious with the hash.

4) Serve on a plate with egg on top, and a few piece of rye toast.

I also served on the side the leftover cabbage a bit of sea salt and a little coconut oil.
This made a wonderful meal, a great leftover meal.. no waste and no leftovers from this meal.
There was just enough for my husband to take a small container to work. I really wanted it for breakfast, but I was not fast enough.

Here in GA we are on the verge of spring coming. So tired of cold weather. I will start lightening up some recipes. I can't wait for the summer veggies and stuff to start to grow. I love a good cookout and and love fruit.

If you ever have a question, or want to throw a recipe my way.. always feel free to ..

Remember to take each day and make it yours.. and "It really is just that simple"


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