Roasted Tomatoes and Sausage Large Pinwheels

I was playing with my food again. Really. I had some pizza dough that was ready to use. I decided instead of a pizza a little something more compact, cute...and still just as good. You do realize you can put what you want in it. Just try to think thin.. cause you are going to roll it up.

I only made three of these, because I wasn't sure how they would cook, if they would just blow up and spill all over the pan. They did really well. I put them about an inch apart. If I did a whole batch I think I could have put comfortably 12 on my pan. I still would have had enough for two batches.

Roasted Tomatoes and Sausage Large Pinwheels


Roasted Tomatoes and some of the oil in the jar

Breakfast Sausage

Onion  - a hand full minced

Spinach - a hand full cut up

Garlic salt

Sea salt

Mozzarella cheese - 1/4 cup


1) Lay down some parchment paper and spread out your already pizza dough (rectangly)

2) Spread on first the roasted tomatoes and some of the oil. Cover all up to the 1/4 left from the edge.

3) The put on the toppings.. go really thin.. alittle is really alot,, because you are going to roll it up.

4) Next roll up, as tight as you can.

**) At this point you can put them in as the entire loaf. A little olive oil on top and a dash of sea salt.
These will take a while this way to cook. I started at 400. for about 30 minutes and then cut back to 350 for another 30minutes. Let is cool then cut and you won't have a gooey mess.
It made two small size loaves. It took about 45 minutes to get the inside dough to finish.

5) If you choose the Large Pinwheel option. I cut from the center of the loaf, taking the knife and holding the filling in on one side and then cutting the other side. Then carefully move it to a parchment covered cookie sheet. Place them about 1 inch apart.

6) Cook at 400 for 30 minutes and then check, they should be bubbly and brown.

Let them cool before you eat them. These also are good cold and heat up nicely.

Well gotta get going...Tuesday already and I have dinner to make...
Taco night...gonna do something neat and different. I promise I will post it when I can.

Until then.. make it is simple, make it yours.. change the inside...
It really is that simple.


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