Greek Meat Kabobs with a Spring Salad

Welcome back, looks like a "two for one" kinda recipe day. I am actually making hamburgers for dinner tonight and I had a lb left over and decided to experiment a little bit for my lunch. I had some friends that used to make meat kabobs and they used a little spice box and mixed and then cooked without a skewer.

I just kinda did my own thing. I kinda shape them fat and short. Maybe next time like a little meatball.

I made a special "Spring Salad" to go with it. When I was growing up my mother would always be cooking, especially for 6 kids and dad and herself. One of her favorite quick salad to go as a side was the "Spring Salad" Has always been my favorite all my life. I still eat and make this all the time.

Greek Meat Kabobs with a Spring Salad


1lb of ground sirloin (turkey, ground beef or even ground lamb would be the bomb)

1/2 minced onion

1/4  cup of the Greek Spice Mix (I buy mine already pre-made at Walmart. )

1) Put meat in a bowl with onions and spice. Mix thoroughly and let sit for about 15 minutes.

2) I love the spice so when I was cooking them I added a bit more on top of them.

3) Shape them into how you would like. (It would make a nice burger  too)

4) Saute on medium until cooked through and then I turned up a bit to get a nice brown on them.

Serve Hot with your Spring Salad on the side.

"Spring Salad"


Iceberg lettuce



1/2 onion (small dice)

1/4 cup of low fat mayo (or 1/2 of Greek yogurt and mayo)


Mix all together right before it is time to eat. It does not keep and needs to be eaten then.

I only ate two and ate a double portion of the salad because it had that fresh taste. I am now very full.
I have a few left which my 17 year old will scarf down with a tortilla.
You could also eat this with a bread, but I found no need for the calories. 

This satisfied my craving for a Gyro, well just a bit. I am on the look out for ground lamb, it gives it more of that Greek taste.

So my friends, good to see you all again.. and I promise Spring is right around the corner...

Make the day yours.. enjoy the moments of your life.. "It really is just that simple."


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