Crock Pot Stuffed Peppers.. (version 3)

Here is a picture of the ones I did as boats, as you can see I only got three peppers in it.. if you cut the top you can get 6-8 in there and don't be afraid to fill them up.. In this one also I did not have the 2nd can of tomatoes so I used ketchup...still just as good.

 Crock pot Stuffed Peppers (version 3)


 6 peppers-8 peppers 
 ( cut like boats - and you can put in one layer and then kinda jagged stack on side on top, cause I could only fit maybe 5 boats in my pot.) 
This is what I did and like better >>( cut just about an 1/2 top off , like you do a pumpkin and you can fit all six to eight in the crock pot) 

1 1/2 lbs of ground anything 

1 1/2 cup of dried rice (do not cook-- it will soak up the tomatoes and flavors)

1 diced onion ( small bite size) 

Garlic minced 

2 cans of tomatoes diced (I used the spicy diced ones)(use the juice and all) 

1 can of tomato sauce or 1/2 cup of water 


1) Use a crock pot liner for a quick clean up. 

2) Cut tops off peppers (I liked this method better) ( I even took the lids and cut off what was still pepper and minced into the mix) 

3) Clean out pepper 

4)  In a bowl mix the meat, onion, garlic and rice and one can of diced tomatoes (if you need to stretch the meal you can add more rice and just a bit of more water, the meal goes a long way) 

5) Stuff the peppers 

6) Pour over top another can of diced tomatoes and one can of tomato sauce (small)

 *** about 30 minutes done you can slip pharm cheese or a slice of provolone on each one to melt,, 

 (If by chance you check in 4 hours or so and you see the rice a bit dry just add a little water, but usually there is no need, cause the crock pot makes steam.) 

7) Put in crock pot. (Low) 4-5 hours 

You can reheat these nicely the next day. 

 I also make them and split the batch before I cook them into two meals and freeze one. 

With the same mixture you can get a cabbage and peel off leaves and stuff and put in crock pot also and have stuffed cabbage. 

Also the same mixture with out anything and rolled into balls and baked becomes porcupine balls. 

We just love these, easy and mess less. Even if you freeze them you can just put them in the crock pot that way and just  cook the same way. 

If you give it a shot, let me know how they turned out..


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