Roasted Beets

How many times, have you passed that vegetable over.. The beet. I just last year finally decided to try and cook some and see if I liked them. Well to be honest, I have always liked them but I have only had them from the can. Eating them fresh is a little better.
They are really easy to make.

Roasted Beets

I bought a bundle of three beets, I checked to make sure they looked nice and the leaves on the top were very nice too. Because we are going to save them and cook them up like regular greens. I will post that this week, after I make them. They are very good too.

 1) Cut beet off of stalk, and wash the beet.

2) Toss beets with olive oil and salt.

3) Place each beet in a piece of foil and fold upward and seal.

4) Place on cookie sheet and bake for 45 minutes in a 400 oven. Check for cooked, when the knife slides in and out.

*Be careful Beets Stain Red.

5) Open up foil and peel the skin off and slice her right up.

I actually ate mine right there. It was so tender, slightly juicy, slightly sweet, slightly salty...oh my....I want another one.

I just may have to try and grow these in my garden. They make for a real different vegetable.

Beets, if you have never tried them, give them a go. Roasting in the foil packet, makes a lot less mess and an easy cleanup. Cut one up into a salad. They go really well with vinegar and sugar.
I am thinking pickled beets and hard boiled eggs..

Today is Wednesday.. so go get a beet...nawww, just joking.. Enjoy your  day and make it yours...
"It really is that simple"


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