Anna's Choice Cashew Swirls Cashew and Macadamia Nut Butter

Tried out a new item, I came across this, because a friend was asking about cashew butter. Gosh, I never knew they made it, I tried almond butter and it was really good, very almondy and almost as thick as peanut butter.
The cashew and macadamia butter was slightly sweet and very thin. This I would think would make a nice sauce, or anything you want to dribble it on.
Here is another picture, you may be able to see how thin it was.

It was very good, very expensive. I read an article that two handfuls of cashews were as good a mood lifter for some equal to mood lifter drugs. I think I would rather eat my cashews out of my hand.

All of these butters all seem to have the same calorie content. The fat is even higher. So I guess if you are looking for just a different taste, then this is a nice one.

I think for now, since I still have a large family to feed, I will stick with my peanut butter. I think it is a much better deal for the money.

I will be thinking of some new recipe to use this one. One that comes to mind maybe cake box mix chocolate waffles with this dribbled...hmmmmm..

This is my find for the week. The weekend will be here soon and I will be looking for something different.. why.. cause that is what I love to do.

I love to share, explore, and be myself. Welcome to my world. Sit down, and relax...if you need me ..holler..

It really is just that simple...have a great day!


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