Greek Meatballs (Using my Kale-Lemon Pesto)

This just became my new idea. Sometimes when I look into that fridge I see leftovers and another time I see new ideas. I have been trying to stay on the veggies, portioned meats and stay away from the white carbs. My new favorite last week was a kale-lemon pesto I made to try on the spaghetti squash.

Monday came and I took the 1/2 bag of kale and made it into kale-lemon pesto.
( that is the original recipe for it.

I used it on my new spaghetti squash and ended up having about 3 cups left over. This morning I noticed I had 2 lbs of ground beef (93%). You can use any meat chicken, turkey, this is just what I had around.

I also have the Greek seasoning I got at Walmart. They have a low salt version too.

So the thought to make a Greek seasoned meatball came to life.

Greek Seasoned Meatballs (using my Kale-Lemon Pesto)


1lb of lean ground meat. I used 93% beef

2 cups of Kale - Lemon Pesto

3 tablespoons of Greek seasoning.


1) Blend all together.

2) Roll into balls

3) Cook in oven 350 for about 30-40 minutes (check them)

4) or you can do them in a pan on top of stove. I cooked mine in a pan on the stove in a tsp of coconut oil.

Let them cool a bit. The flavor of the lemon in the kale and the Greek seasonings come out more when they cool.

With this you could make a light salad of lettuce, tomato, onion, and cucumber and then make a tziki sauce (lemon, cucumber and sour cream). You could also serve these on a pita.

I however made mine on a cheese faux taco. I made one in a small egg pan. Non-stick pan. Put about 1/4 cup of low fat cheddar cheese and 1/8 of Parmesan cheese. Put on flame and let melt and bubble a minute then remove from heat. Let cool and it should slide right out of pan.

Then I tore into 4 pieces and put one meatball in each and wrapped.
I must tell you it was delicious.
 So for lunch today. I kept to the low carb and found it very delicious.

Tonight for dinner, I will take the rest of the meat and kale mix and I am going to try to make a Greek pizza, will let you know how it goes.

So my friends, get in that kitchen and create something good, something healthy, something thrifty. It all is really just that simple.

You can do it...


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