Okra and Coconut Oil

I bet in this world you never thought I would say Okra and Coconut Oil in the same sentence.
Okra is a vegetable that is kinda slimy when cooked, even kinda slimy when cutting it too. Always cut the little hat off and the tail they are kinda woody tasting.
Alot of people bread them and fry them off. ALOT.... In the gumbos they put them in to thicken their sauces and gravies. I actually like the taste of it. I can actually eat them rinsed and dipped in ranch.

Today I was messing around in my fridge and there was this beautiful package of okra I found...I really wish I could get my garden to go in abundance, cause I would never have to go to the store...for reals...

Okra sauteed in Coconut Oil

2tsp of coconut oil (I actually think this fried the best, made them crispier and browner fast) and it is good for you.

30 okras ( now you know I am just estimating. I didn't count them)

Just a brush of garlic powder

 Just a pinch of season salt


Easy Peasy...

Saute them in a non-stick pan until crispy brown. I stopped and left a little green.

They were very good. I even put a little ketchup on them..just enough for flavor. I ate the whole bowl full and my spaghetti squash.

Wow, two veggies without barely trying..

So my friends it is the weekend, no excuses, try something new.. get out there pick one thing you have never had and try it..

Let me know if it is cool. Cause you know I love new things.

Don't let life lead you...take it by the hand and get out there and go...It really is just that simple..


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