Baked Eggs in Ham Cups wwpp=3 points per piece

I have been off the grid for a bit. Seems every time I start to get over this pulled hip muscle, I get too far ahead of my recovery and I over do it in some simple way. I think my problem is that it has progressed into sciatic nerve problem. If anyone has chronic sciatic I am sure you feel me..

I have found a way to keep cooking and going, of course I would have to I am a mom and a wife and there is not stopping that force of nature. I have a really tall stool that I can perch on and create.

I am still doing weight watchers, although it really is very difficult to stay on task , with a health problem and not even that, I have 3 kids and it seems to me that since school has been out they are HUNGRY>>>>>>>ALL THE TIME>>

This morning I tried the Ham Cups with a Baked Egg. I had seen it done in my others blogs, and I wanted to try it and turn my blog readers onto it to. I don't want you to miss out on the good stuff.

It was really one of the most simplest things I have ever done. My kids thought I should have used bacon, me I was thinking spinach.

 I have tried Baked Eggs before on a pizza, which I suggest you give it a try. It turned out to be about  points per piece. Which isn't a bad breakfast. I would think these would do well in the fridge and probably the freezer. Mine didn't make it past the breakfast table.

Baked Eggs in Ham Cups  wwpp= 3points per piece (actually one wasn't a bad serving)


Ham Slices ( I get the lowest calorie I can find, and makes it for about 4 slices. Canadian bacon works too and the numbers are low on it too)


1/4 cup of fat free shredded cheddar cheese

Muffin Tin ( I used the 24 one I had, but use as many as you want to suit your needs. I always make a bit extra)


1) Spray your muffin tin WELL, unless you are a great dishwasher.. <<

2) Press in your ham slices, I used two per cup. Canadian bacon, I would use one because it is thick.

3) Crack an egg in each one.

4) Season with a bit of salt and pepper.

5) Sprinkle just a bit of cheese ( actually you could skip it, i found no taste difference with or without, and I am all for saving points.)

6) Pop in 400 degree oven for about 10-12 minutes, mine like their eggs cooked all the way. A little less and you get that runny kinda good egg...

I thought these were just a great, and easy way. You could make these for dinner and serve a salad along side.

You must try to make them. I was a little intimidated over whether or not I could do the egg right. But they have turned out every time.

Give them a try and holler back...

You know I had written at the beginning about chronic pain. It is no joke and it is a burden on a persons soul. I just wanted to share with you what gets me through the day.

My mother passed in November and I miss her every single day. She is always the inspiration behind me even wanting to cook, experiment as you can call it. One of her saying to me was that..
"Think of good things and these will be the good things you will think upon"
So every day, I start out with that mantra, and I use it all day long.

Another little saying that keeps me rolling also is.."Please Lord Jesus, clear my mind of all the clutter (worry, hate, pain) so that I may hear You clearly."

So my friends, Get out there and get busy.. enjoy your life.. make something new..


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