Crockpot Caramel Sauce (tried and actually worked!)

Well everyone knows that caramel is a great thing to dip anything in..apples, bananas..elbow, fingers...oooopss...okay I am back on track.. I even saw a cute idea the other day on pinterest..where you did grapes, and then into chopped peanuts, and into a small candy a small caramel apple.
Oh yea, that brings me back to my apples. That is where is all started. My kids are forever asking for me to get the caramel apple dip that is in the carton in the produce. I hesitate every time, just for the fact that it is expensive.

One day I was searching the great web of Internet for an idea on how to cut costs on some of the indulgent items that we love. I mean I have cut out chips, and soda. Just because the cost is killing me.

I came across this site."
This I guess is my way of quoting the source.

I wanted to share this, because I actually tried it and it worked.

Crock pot Caramel Sauce


1 can of sweetened condensed milk (not the pop top)


1) Peel off paper on the can.

2) Put a small piece of foil or a tea plate in bottom of crock pot (it leaves a ring)

3) Put in the can of sweetened condensed milk.

4) Fill crock pot with water to about an inch above the can.

5) Turn on low for 7 hours ( I actually turned mine on high for 5 hours and it turned out okay.)

6) Let it sit unplugged for 3 hours until all cools down..It is super hot.
   Or I removed mine with tongs and put on top of stove to cool. Then opened it carefully.

And as you can tell by the picture....

**** I found that down near the bottom the caramel was thicker.. I am wondering if I went longer could I have made it thicker. The next time I try it I will do two cans and see what happens.

Cost wise this whole can was 1.25  compared to the 4.00 of the dip at the store.

This stuff was creamy and sweet.. Very yummy.. I am sure I could find a few nice recipes to use this in..but sometimes just the simple way is the best.

I have a whole bag of apples. I will make me a little  portion with a beautiful apple and sample a small bite of heaven'.

So get out there today...make something new.. create a recipe, a craft. Inspire your soul.


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