Celery - regrowing..

Okay, Okay, I am a big non-believer. I actually would think that as long as I kept that celery in the fridge that there would be no hope at all..

Here's the website I saw it on first..http://www.17apart.com/2012/02/growing-celery-indoors-never-buy-celery.html

Well feast your eyes on this...do you see what I see, yep that is a new celery bunch coming up.. hmmm. this is a very interesting thing. I am going to keep watch on this and see if it will keep on going. If it does that should make for a great growing project.

I use celery all the time. I have also heard you can do the same to green onions and even onions.

Oh, how I wish I had the garden area, up about 5 feet so I don't have to bend down to garden.. no telling what I could get going.

Well just wanted to share with you, I am sure now that this sparked my interest that I will be coming back with a few more ideas..

Keep cool and stay connected..

Get out there and make the day yours, do something outta the box...


Anonymous said…
That's still so cool

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