Quinoa (via rice cooker) wwpp= 4-5 per cup

Okie, Dokie...I tried it. I have bought this a long time ago and it has sat and sat and I had left it for one of those back of the shelf things. I was so wrong.

I had my rice cooker out from the other day and I thought maybe I would give this a shot. What would have been the worst thing to happen. I would have to throw it out. Well now that I have tried it. I will be making this all the time.

Let's see I researched a bit and found out that it a relative to spinach. Well now you got me sold. It has 8 grams of protein in a cooked cup. The fiber is 3 grams.  So this all sounds pretty good.

Now for the taste....

Let me tell you how I did it..

I took my quinoa and put one cup into a bowl.. filled the bowl with water.. swished my fingers in it to kinda mix it up..poured out the water (easy don't lose the quinoa). I did this three times. (I also do this to my rice before it goes in cooker, makes it fluff better)

Put in rice cooker 1 cup of quinoa (rinsed) with two cups of water. In this particular batch I put in two tsps of chicken boulion powder.

Turn on and the rice cooker did its thing.

How I ate it? I put it in a bowl with a bit of salt, pepper and a sprinkle of grated Parmesan cheese.

I was afraid there wouldn't be much flavor, but this turned out to be really delicious.
The next time I try this I am going to just use water. Then add fresh tomatoes, cucumber and onion.. maybe with a vinaigrette. Almost like a mock tabbouleh salad. Sounds yummy and refreshing.

So get out there and make something new.. get out there and buy some quinoa..be adventurous


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