Crockpot Bread (Tried and actually worked)

I guess today, I would call it experimental day. You know those days, were you are stuck inside, because here in GA it is boiling outside. Yesterday, we made the mistake of turning on the oven and we were boiling inside too.

I have been contemplating on making my own bread. One because I can get all the stuff at the Sam's Club for alot cheaper than buying it. All those Artisan Breads are expensive and we seem to not use it all at one time. Which translates into waste in the summer. The bread never lasts too long in this heat, ac or not.

I have a bread machine that makes a loaf in an hour. I also can make my own dough in it and then transfer to the oven or where ever to cook. It makes for a great grilled pizza dough. I follow a basic bread machine recipe and there is dough. If I am not going to use the dough right then, I spray a gallon baggie with Pam spray and put dough in and slid in fridge (it will rise, so be sure to come back in a bit and push it back down. ) I keep a few of these in the fridge sometimes. Come in handy for a pizza, breakfast pizza, bread, or even calizones.

Today though I had stumbled upon using a crockpot to get a loaf of bread, and since I made my caramel sauce in the crockpot, I thought I would give it a try.

Crockpot Bread


1 batch of dough. (for the one in the picture I used a frozen bread dough, I bought and thawed out. I actually put it in, straight from the refrigerator)

1 piece of parchment paper (to line the crockpot)

Spices you would like to use as topping. (sesame seeds, poppy seeds, sea salt)


1) Line the crockpot with the parchment paper

2) Take your dough and form into a large ball. (I have seen where they used a bread pan, but mine wouldn't fit. The parchment paper worked great)

3) Put your dough down in the crockpot in the center of the parchment paper.

4) Sprinkle in your seasoning of choice. (I used sesame seeds and sea salt)

5) Turn on crockpot on high

Now for the timing. I put mine in cold from the fridge and I also fell asleep, so mine came out brown and crunchy on the bottom, light on the top and it was how we liked it.
That took 4 hours.

I would say 1 and 1/2 hours and check. Do realize it may not brown and be done. When you thump it, it sounds hollow. You can slip a light loaf into the broiler for color.  I liked leaving it because it did make it get color and it was crunchy outside.

I know this is probably as easy as a bread machine, but I find it a very interesting thought. Imagine what I can do with this. My crockpot lives on my counter and it was very easy just to slip it in and turn it on.

This actually could be a very bad thing. Especially for my diet. So I am looking for a diet friendly recipe for my bread.  I am thinking about trying a banana bread or a few other flavors.

I actually have another loaf in, for making sandwiches for lunch this week.  quick update* I finished this one, the crockpot was already hot and it took only 1 and 1/2 hours.. a little light on top, but a sweet brown on the bottom. So be sure to watch it.*

When I get a minute I will calculate WW points. So for now.. go slow..

So get out there and experiment with your food. Make it your own. Be creative, or just make a fresh loaf and enjoy the comfort in it.

Until we meet again. Have a wonderful Sunday!


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