Cheese Burger Grilled Burrito wwpp= 7 (lowfat tortilla is 1)

I revisited that grilled burrito idea and it was another hit.  This one is a Cheese Burger Grilled Burrito.

Cheese Burger Grilled Burrito  wwpp= 7 points


3 oz of ground beef 90%  (you can use turkey it will lower it by one point)

1 low fat tortilla

pickle relish





slice of low fat cheese (if you want more control of points and calories, use a shredded low fat cheddar and you can just sprinkle a little. It all is about taste)


1) I actually measure and weighed my meat out. I then rolled it into about 5 inch fat snakes (like we used to do with play dough) and then flattened on the grill. I then cooked them through. This made them just the right size and shape for the burrito. Depending on how many you pattied, you could stretch it thin and make two (just account for the extra points)

2) Layed the cooked thin pattie in the middle of the burrito and start to pile what you like on top. (not too full, cause you gotta roll it up.)

3) Roll like a burrito and lay on a pan, grill and squish ( I use a flat iron thingy) and grill on both sides.

These were really good too. I can never get my littlest to eat a hamburger but he really dug these. I cut it in half and he dipped his in ketchup. Of course his was just meat, cheese and ketchup. I like mine with the veggies on top. It always makes me feel fuller and less having the need to eat another one.

I am going to cut this short so I can post the other type of Grilled Burrito I made last night. Cause it was mine and it was sooooo good..

So catch you in a bit..


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