Mini Grilled Dessert Burritos wwpp=6 for two

this is the faux almond joy

We all know if you are watching your weight, that sometimes the hardest things to keep away from is dessert. I however have decided that it can't be a diet, it has to be a life change. A change in how we eat, what we eat and how much we eat. I always like the one bite rule for those really hard things.

This however came to me, when I was craving those almond joys. You know all the Halloween candy is out and is soooo tempting. I know that probably I could have gotten by with just one of the minis for all say, maybe 3 points, but these were so much more satisfying.

Mini Grilled Dessert Burritos  wwpp=6 for two


I am going to post the point values of what ingredients I used and you can go from there

2 tsp of chocolate chips (the little minis makes it look so much more)   4pts

1 tsp of coconut (in the bag)    0 pts

1 tsp of slivered almonds  0 pts

2 small low fat tortillas   1-2 points (i found a variation of point values)


1) Take a small low fat tortilla and put in 1 tsp of choc chips in the middle

2) Take 1/2 tsp of coconut on top.

3) Then a pinch of slivered almonds.

4) Roll up like a burrito.

5) Lay on a hot grill, a pan, and put a weight on top. A George Foreman type grill would do both sides at once.

When nice and toasty on both sides, remove and cut in half. Let cool a minute..

Well, let it cool if you can..

Here's a few other possibilities (be sure to calculate numbers)
Peanut butter and Choc chips
Marshmallows and choc chips

a quickie pic of my son's marshmallows and chocolate chips.
Banana and choc chips
Pecans, choc chips
peanuts, choc chips


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