Pretzels/Kisses/M&M's Tried it--Liked it just alot of work

Another one of the Pinterest Ideas...
First off couldn't find the round circles, now that would make them alot neater. It was very tedious and not sure if I would adventure to try it again. I think I would prefer just a mix, of chocolate chips, m&m's , and pretzels, like a trail mix.

I did like the taste of chocolate and the salt of the pretzel. They were better when they were kept in the refrigerator. I do however think this was a bit time consuming to make. Peeling the kisses and then the strategy of getting them on the pretzel, melt a bit and then poke a m&m. As you can see were were a little off, you gotta work so you get them in and center. Too much for us.



1 bag of round pretzels (we used what we could find)

1 bag of hershey kisses

1 bag of m&m's


1) Lay pretzels on a cookie sheet.

2) Put a hershey kiss on top of each one.

3) Slide in over just to melt the kiss (be watchful, we let ours go a little and the chocolate was hot, poking in our m&m's.


Michelle said…
These look delicious! I think I'm going to try them this coming holiday season.

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